About Us

Park Road Dental Clinic

As a long-standing community dental practice, we take pride in putting our patients first. We concentrate on listening to and understanding your needs, concerns, queries and desires. We then inform you of the possibilities for you and the path to achieving your goals.

We are committed to providing high quality, ethical dentistry, that is pain free and well-priced. We offer General Dental Care and Hygienist Services to our patients onsite and for those who require specialist or advanced dental care we will coordinate care for you with appropriate local professionals we work with regularly.

A central ethos in our practice is to invest in training and improvement of our team and premises. We are committed to making sure we provide a caring service in a safe and comfortable environment and hence have invested in a dedicated central sterilisation room as well as various equipment and premises improvements.

Our dentists enjoy working with you whatever your requirements, whether it to help you and your children develop good dental habits so as to maintain health teeth and gums, provide you with general dental treatment and to provide you options to improve the appearance of your smile and hence your confidence.