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Dental Check Up Muswell Hill

The most important part of caring for our patients is their Dental Check-up.   Our focus is to not only talk to you but to LISTEN to you. We work hard to make sure we understand your needs and desires from dental treatment. Our dental check up price is transparent and fair.   Once we have understood this we carry out a full clinical examination including:  
  • Medical history
  • Jaw, muscle and gland assessment
  • Soft tissue analysis
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Periodontal (gum) examination
  • Dental examination
  • Intra-oral x-rays and photos
  We use our full examination to formulate a plan with you that is tailored to what you want. Using our knowledge, experience and excellent team to provide you with genuine dental care.   We make sure we have explained treatment, in a way that you can understand and feel fully in control of your dentistry.   We give our patients plenty of time to make sure they understand and are fully on board with the treatment they have chosen to undergo and are always happy to re-explain anything to our clients.

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