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Dental Hygienist Muswell Hill

Our dental hygienists are an essential part of our dental practice. They provide the first step in a patient’s journey to clean, healthy teeth and gums. This can then enable your dentist to restore you teeth so that you can eat and smile with confidence.   Your dental hygienist will decide with you on type of Hygienist care you will benefit from and will also advise you how often you should see the hygienist to ensure you maintain the cleanly health of your mouth. Our hygienists work closely with the our dentist to look after your Oral Health and Wellbeing.  
  All our clients see our dental hygienists for regular appointments to:
  • Remove plaque and tartar on teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation
  • Remove staining that is an inevitable part of modern life so ass to improve the appearance and feel of your teeth
  • Polish you teeth to improve the ‘whiteness’ and ‘sparkle’ of your teeth
  • Give you detailed explanation and help on how to best look after you teeth in your daily tooth cleaning regime
  • Our patients comment on how great they feel after a Hygienist clean a fresh feeling in their mouths.
  Where your gum health has deteriorated our hygienists will:
  • Accurately measure gum heath around each tooth to decide where specifically further gum care is required.
  • Provide you with a course of deep cleaning to stop the process of deterioration in its tracks and hence maintain a better healthy mouth
  • The hygienist will regularly review the gums and provide maintenance treatment as required
  • Our patients tell us that this treatment and maintenance often resolves years of poor taste and smell and restores their confidence of their own teeth

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