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I’ve been a regular here for 15 years and always been happy with the service provided.


The staff at the clinic are friendly and helpful. They have been really flexible with my appointments, and given good advice on the treatment I need.


We are regular patients and always have had amazing care from the staff….highly recommend this dentist!! 


This dentist has been looking after me and my family for ages. I can tell you I had bad teeth. I had stuff done abroad because I thought it would be cheap and it all went wrong. Only the dentists and the lovely hygienist here have helped me. They have been kind, considerate and tolerant of my problems. Every time I go there every body greets me and talks to me. A while back I was there in the waiting room and one of the dentists who isn’t even my dentist said hello to me, asked me how I was, and played with the little girl who was waiting with her mummy. Such kind, courtesy and professionalism is why I go to this dentist.
You must all go here and see how great they are for yourself. I guarantee you will find them great.
I will always sing their praises. Keep it up your loyal customers will never leave you because you are great.


I have been coming here for years and have always felt welcome and comfortable with the dentists that work here. The team are very professional and I've been happy with all of the treatments that I have been given. 


Friendly, professional and wonderful treatment!